Customer Contributions

Customer Thoughts and Musings

Knowledge is a terrible thing to waste!

From time to time our customers decide to write about their opinions or add what they've learned over time.

Some of this information can be extremely valuable to both new folks entering the community culture of the Old Tool World as well as those veterans that have been collecting and using old hand tools for decades. We encourage constant study and communication amongst all folks that are interested in Old Tools. Don't Forget no matter how long someone has been studying tools in general it is impossible to know everything, there simply isn't enough time in a lifetime to have seen everything or studied everything. One of the biggest reasons the Old Tool World is such a tight knit community is the open sharing of ideas and research.

This page will serve as a place for contributors to add their thoughts. We do vet each submission posted here for value of content however we do not filter content due to the opinions expressed. Learning isn't learning if ideas are stifled. While we may agree with some statements we may not agree with all. These submissions are solely the opinion of the author.

There are some brilliant collectors out there that are simply put obsessed with their chosen area of study and they have so much to share.